WeGroup, Investment & IT

WeGroup, Investment & IT
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We care to provide cutting edge skills to provide 3D animation/graphic designs, IT solutions ..etc. All in a timely way that enables our partners and clients to get the best interactive experience and sentimental environment. We is a newly established Palestinian company located in Gaza city, We are officially registered by the governing bodies, We formerly operated as an independent freelance team. Our team of technicians, designers, programmers is loaded with 60 years of accumulated professional experience, We operates in various fields in the IT industry mainly in the 3D film industry, We aspires to outreach regional/foreign markets in the Middle East, Europe and why not? the rest of the Globe with a modern vision that reflects the spirit of creativity and excellence.

• 3D animation. • Web Services. • Designing and programming mobile and smart devices applications. • Graphic design. • Content Management.

Type of Relation Sought: 
WeGroup, looking forward to spreading awareness of the 3D Animation film industry, in our local markets and overseas markets by partnering with outside companies in which we can develop the team's performance and training and enable them to access new technologies used in this constantly evolving industry. WeGroup also look forward to the rest of the services we provide. To be a provider of web services, mobile services, graphic design,  And content management, locally and externally in the form of long-term, medium-term or short-term partnership contracts. WeGroup also look forward to providing work space for graduates and allowing them to participate in the development of the IT community.

Key Projects: 
3D Animation Films Production

Key Clients: 
80% of our production is for external export and only 20% for local markets in Gaza Strip, West Bank and the occupied territories in 1948. We Work With Europe, USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey. Like: a companies, tv, Advertising Agency, regular clients.

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Khader Y. Nassrawy
Ceo, Co-Founder


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