Twenty News and Blog Sites You Must Visit to Keep Up With Relevant Tech, News & Trends

Here at PITA, we are thinking globally, in an open, cloud-oriented world.   Here’s a chance to widen your horizons a bit.

Below is a list and links to some of our favorite IT, tech, news and trends sites we recommend you check out and read on a regular basis.

Some of this is of personal choice, and your mileage may vary here.  The point is to tune in once in a while, see what’s on the minds of some of the world’s best Internet thinkers and disrupters and see where maybe there could be a spark of something new you could bring to Palestine’s IT sector.

Also, think about where you can leave a comment to demonstrate your expertise and insights.  Or maybe propose a story about something interesting and compelling that you are working on that could lead to media coverage for your company.   

This list is by no means complete.  It’s really meant as a roadmap for you to be up on the latest trends.  If you know of a site that you think should be on the list, and will help the PITA community, please email me: or

This is your opportunity to keep up with the latest thinking and a way to be heard.


Andrew Chen

AVC (Fred Wilson)

AllThingsDistributed (Werner Vogels)

Both Sides of the Table (Mark Suster)

Chaotic Flow (Joel York)


DarkReading Blog

Forbes / Startups

Forrester Blog for Application Development


Google Blog

Infoworld / Cloud Computing

John Battelle’s Search Blog


Media Redefined

Network World



Seth Godin



TED Talks

The Verge

The Wall Street Journal / Startup Journal





Anan Abu Rmieleh