Israeli Impediments of Palestinian Imports MoTIT

Case 1,

Off-The-Shelf Goods, SOHO Market products, e.g. Laptops, PCs, MFPs, Printers, Fax, Copiers,…etc.


Israeli Importer,

Palestinian Importer

Have  yearly approval from SII (Standard of Institute of Israel)

Our yearly approval is Void, and Approval Needed per shipment for the same products imported several times before ( this takes two to three days, and when employees at Beit-Eil are on vacations nothing can be cleared, this is granted by Mr. Fredi office at Beit Eil, and it cannot be granted before MOC (Israeli Ministry of Communication) approval is being issued.

Any delay in MOC means delay on SII approval.

1.       Can get yearly approval from MOC for equipment containing wired or wireless device


Approval Needed per each shipment for the same products imported several times before, this process take from 15 days until 50 days some times more, no dead line for such approvals,

Israeli importer can make use from the yearly approval and get exempted from LAN or any other approvals are requested from the Palestinian importer

We need to get LAN approval for each product

Customs clearance is done in one or two days

Customs clearance can take several days due to security physical check , and can be hold for several days for no given reasons 

Israeli importer can receive his goods in same hour goods are cleared,

Palestinian importer must attach LAN Approval, MOC approval to customs import document (Rishimon) and if the, Many shipment wait tell next day or held hours at the check point despite it does not need LAN approvals like toners, cartridge, equipment does not have any connectivity until the check points authority make sure the equipments are approved. 


Spare parts (new regulations , April 2013)

No restrictions , immediate clearance to spare parts




We apply to get Bet Eil – Telecom approval for all kind of goods and spare parts , e.g. Toners, computer  parts(HDD,Memory,keyboards,..etc)

Plastic gerars…







1.       Time lapse to clear SOHO products (laptops, PCs, MFPs) is almost 60 days for Palestinians compared to ONLY 24 hours for Israeli importers.

2.       Direct cost implications on Palestinian importers is estimated @ 3% of Revenue. Direct costs( Financing costs, handling , storage costs, weakened cash flow position)