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CYSTACK is the leading information security consultancy firm in Palestine. We understand the need to protect the CONFIDENTIALITY, INTEGRITY and AVAILABILITY of organizational assets. CYSTACK brings top information security professionals to the market. The team at CYSTACK is highly qualified with years of experience within the fields of IT and information security. We hold some of the world’s top IT and information security qualifications and certifications. Understanding our client’s needs and customizing solutions and services to fit these needs is our competitive advantage that sets us apart.

Consultancy The Power of working together; CYSTACK understands the importance of working closely with the customer to achieve success. CYSTACK provides a number of consultancy services that helps our customer protect their assets and provide better services to their customers. The services include: • Risk Assessment • Vulnerability Management • Penetration Testing • Information Security Policy • Security Procedures & Implementation • ISO27001 Implementation • Network Security • Secure Communication • Infrastructure Security • Data Leakage Prevention • Web Application Security • Incident Handling • Physical Security • Database Security Training CYSTACK trainers utilize the expertise and professional experience they have in providing some of the best and most innovative courses in the market today. CYSTACK doesn’t only teach facts. We teach our students how to think, adapt and react to real life situations. Some of our courses include: • CYSTACK for Information Security • CYSTACK for Penetration Testing • SANS GIAC Security Essentials Certifications • CYSTACK for CISSP • CYSTACK for Hacker techniques and countermeasures • CYSTACK for Risk Assessment • CYSTACK for Perimeter and Network Security • CYSTACK for Windows Security • CYSTACK for Linux Security • CYSTACK for Incident Handling • CYSTACK for intrusion Analysis Solutions CYSTACK is an innovative solutions provider that understands the importance of synergy in our customer’s infrastructure. CYSTACK partners with the top vendors in the local and international markets and makes it a priority to provide best-in-class solutions. Some of our solutions include: • Perimeter and Datacenter Firewalls • Intrusion Detection & Prevention • Authentication, Authorization and Accountability • Network Access Control • Web Application Security • Database Security • Secure Remote Access • Data Security • Data Leakage Prevention • Malware Protection • Configuration Management

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- Providing Services locally and abroad - Developing partnerships

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Rabi' Barakat

+970 (0) 2 2989189
+970 (0) 2 2989189

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Masyon Main Street
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